If you've been hanging a lot of pictures in your home, you might have holes in your drywall. Don't worry. Pride Painting and Spackling Home Improvement, Inc. can take care of any spackling you might need. We can apply putty to your damaged drywall, sheetrock or plastering that will fill in holes and cracks to make it look like nothing ever happened. Our spackling services repair small defects in your walls.

Spackling is important to do before painting. You can't just paint over the problem-that's why we use spackle to repair your walls before we start on interior painting.

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Count on us to take care of drywall repair

Turn to Pride Painting and Spackling Home Improvement, Inc. for drywall repair services in Farmingdale, Garden City & Massapequa, NY or surrounding areas. No matter what caused the damage, you can trust us to fix it. Our drywall repair services are swift and efficient. We'll examine the walls and fix even the smallest imperfections.

Hiring our painting company that also does spackling:

Saves you time and money
Makes your walls look better
Results in a better final product

Our spackling services are superior because:

We provide professional results
We can patch minor damage or replace entire sections of drywall
We can prime and paint your drywall
We can remove mildew, if needed

Call 516-782-1141 now to ask about our drywall repair and spackling in the Farmingdale, Garden City & Massapequa, NY area.